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Services & Pricing

Splash N’ Tails offers customized packages and services for both dogs and cats.

Pricing is based on a regular 6-week grooming schedule. Pets not on a normal grooming schedule may require additional time and will be charged accordingly. Certain styles and conditions may also increase price. Please refer to the charts below for Cat Grooming and Dog Grooming price ranges by breed, or contact us for an estimate.

Touch Up and Splash packages take 40-75 minutes. Bath N' Touch Up and Splash N' Clip packages take 60-90 minutes. We can accomodate most breeds and coat types, up to 100 lbs.


Our 4-Step Shampoo and Conditioning Process Includes:

  1. Ultra Wash Shampoo using the Hydro Bathing System. This is an all-natural and environmentally friendly product that will not dry out your dog or cat’s skin.
  2. Ultra Plenish conditioning for skin care.
  3. Blueberry Facial is an all-natural, tearless facial that’s safe to use around the eyes and muzzle that helps reduce tear-stains. Pets absolutely love this step!
  4. Ultra Vitalizing Mist is the finishing touch that is hypoallergenic and alcohol free (like all of the products we use).

The bathing system we use is designed to be comfortable for your pet with a massaging technology using water pressure that is relaxing and soothing during the grooming.

Cat Grooming
Our Cat Touch Up Package includes nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, minor mat removal and sanitary trim. Pricing ranges are as follows:
Short Haired $80-90 $100-110 -
Long Haired $90-100 $110-120 -
Lion Cut - - $145-155
Dog Grooming

Our Dog Package pricing is based on breeding. Breeds notated with * include touch up of face and feet upon request. Pricing ranges are as follows:

Akita $131-161 n/a
Austrailian Shepherd $121-151* $141-161
Airedale $121-151* $151-181
Basenji $91-101 n/a
Beagle $91-101 n/a
Bearded Collie $151-181* $171-201
Belgian Shepard $126-156* $156-186
Bichon Frise $101-111* $121-151
Blood Hound $116-136 n/a
Boston Terrier $81-91 n/a
Boxer $91-101n/a
Brussels Griffons $91-101* $121-141
Bull Dogs $91-101n/a
Cairn Terrier $101-111* $121-151
Chesapeake Bay Retriever $106-126* $141-171
Cavalier King Charles $101-121* $121-151
Chihuahua (Short Hair) $81-91n/a
Chihuahua (Long Hair) $86-96* $111-131
Cocker Spaniels $101-131* $136-166
Cockapoo $101-121* $126-156
Corgi $101-121n/a
Coton de Tulear $101-111* $121-151
Dachsund (Short Hair) $91-101n/a
Dachsund (Long Hair) $91-101* $121-151
Dalmatian $91-101 n/a
Doberman $101-111n/a
English Setter $101-111n/a
English Springer Spaniel $121-151* $141-171
German Shephard $121-151* $141-171
Golden Retriever $136-166* $156-186
Grey Hounds $96-106n/a
Havenese $101-111* $121-151
Irish Setter $101-111* $136-166
Irish Terrier $101-121* $126-156
Jack Russel (Short Hair) $81-91n/a
Jack Russel (Long Hair) $91-101* $121-141
Keeshond $136-156n/a
Labrador Retriever $101-121n/a
Lhasa Apso $106-126* $121-151
Maltese $101-121* $121-151
Miniature Pinscher $81-91n/a
Pekingese $101-111* $121-151
Pitt Bull $91-101n/a
Pointer $91-101n/a
Pomeranian $101-111 $121-151
Poodle (Toy/Miniature) $101-121* $121-151
Portuguese Water $156-186* $196-246
Pug $91-101n/a
Rottweiler $101-121n/a
Scottish Terrier $101-121* $126-156
Schnauzer (Miniature) $101-111* $121-151
Schnauzer (Standard) $116-136* $136-166
Samoyed $121-151n/a
Shetland Sheepdog $106-126* $136-156
Shiba Inu $106-116n/a
Shih Tzu $101-121* $121-151
Siberian Husky $126-156n/a
Tibetan Terrier $111-131* $131-161
Wheaton Terrier $111-131* $136-166
Weimaraner $96-106n/a
West Highland Terrier $101-111* $126-156
Yorkshire Terrier (standard) $91-101* $121-151
Add-On Services
Teeth brushing $12
Oatmeal Shampoo $12
Medicated Shampoo*$12
Pad Moisturizing Treatment$10
Furminator De-sheding Treatment
(pending size/coat)
Nail Trim Drimmel $7
Combo Nail Drimmel, Teeth Brushing and Pad Moisture Treatment $23
External Anal Gland Expression$12
Bows placed in hair$5
Nail Polish$20
Holiday/Seasonal Bandanas$6
Scissor Clipping**
(1.5 hour minimum)
Complete Shave Down***
(for matted coats)

*The medical shampoo fee applies even if product is provided by owner as this process requires an extra 5-12 minutes to allow the product to sit in the coat.

**Scissor clipping must be requested when making your appointment. This is a time consuming process and requires a minimum of 1.5 hours.

***Complete shave downs for matted dogs or cats are charged based on the additional time required at the hourly rate. This process may take longer to safely complete the grooming process. Severely matted pets are recommended to be taken to a veterinarian for the pets safety.

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Splash N’ Tails is family owned and operated. Kenny and Tim are not only certified, professionally-trained groomers, but have big hearts for animals. You can trust your dog or cat will be treated with tender love and care.

We use only environmentally friendly products, and offer special services based on what you want for your special friend. We offer two deluxe grooming packages for all breeds, sizes and coat styles, as well as extra services that you may need to make your dog shine to his or her full potential.

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